Pursuing Excellence, Exceeding Potential

Pursuing Excellence, Exceeding Potential

Above and Beyond Students

The mission of Above and Beyond Students is to provide quality afterschool and tutoring and summer programs that empowers all students to succeed in the 21st century global community.

Program Goals

Program goals and objectives include:

  • Instilling the desire and abilities for exceptional academic achievement that exceeds standard grade level expectations.
  • Provide academic enrichment services that help ensure that students are proficient in the basics of reading, math and computer skills.
  • Provide a positive environment that fosters high self esteem and personal responsibility in the student while building a sense of self and community.
    Increase exposure to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and ongoing career possibilities in the area of STEM.
  • Provide support services aimed at developing a strong family framework necessary to better prepare students for success and the challenges of an ever changing world.



Our program is free to all CMS students that are in grades K-8. Please have your child’s student ID available for application.


There is different ways to get involved with Above and Beyond Students Organization.